Authentic Guarantee

Authentic Guarantee

A&E Watches’ mission is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. With over 33 Years of experience, we guarantee that our watches are 100% original, authentic and manufactured by its brand. Some of our products due to customers’ requests will have cosmetic upgrades such as diamonds or aftermarket parts that are set by us in our service center, using only genuine and natural diamonds (see aftermarket section). Also, it is important to know, vintage and secondhand timepieces often do not carry the original crystal, and original rubber gaskets of the crystal, crown, or back case, none of these affect the value of the watch. The watch is held to an international triple signed authentication standard. (The manufacturer trademark or name is stamped on the case back, movement and dial). Ensuring the authentication of the timepiece.

Behind every item that has been authenticated there is a deep knowledge of the brand’s history and materials. A Submariner model built in the 1990s may seem the same as a model built in the 2000’s, but upon closer inspection have many differences. From movement upgrades to how the bracelet is inserted and even different materials in the bezel. And sometimes the differences are so small we are needed to implement the use of high-power microscopes just to determine the authenticity.
There are a few key things to look for. Stamps/ hallmarks, comparing the term with past experiences with the same item. And deep knowledge checking the material angle and all other knowledge accumulated over the years. A task only for a professional to determine, difficult cases use whole teams to get an extensive opinion. From bracelets and crystals to movement parts.

All products provided to our customers are carefully serviced by our professional watchmakers before being given to their future owners.

How to authenticate your Rolex watch:
As we all know, buying a Rolex Watch is an investment for life, which is why we verify the authenticity of your future watch by finding the following key items:

  1. The model (reference number)
  2. The serial number (ID number of the watch)
  3. The movement’s serial, caliber & signature
  4. The inside case back ID & stamps.
  5. Bracelet stamps & reference.

The model (reference number)
On most Rolex Watches, the model number is located on the 12 o’clock position of the case, where the band connects to it. The band will need to be removed by a watchmaker to view the model number.

Model Number
Serial Number
Bezel engraved (Rehaut bezel)

Serial Number
On most Rolex watches, the serial number is located at the six o’clock position. Prior to the year 2007, the serial number was engraved on the case, where the band joins the case. To see this, the band has to be removed by a watchmaker. Towards the end of 2007, Rolex started making the bezel engraved model, where the serial number appears at the six o’clock position on the inner bezel.

The movement:
As shown below, each movement has its own serial number, caliber number and Rolex Signature. To view these, you must open the case back. The movement’s serial number is always a unique number and never the same as the case serial number.

   Before year 2000              After year 2000

Back Case:
The case back ID & Rolex signature are always located on the inside of the back case. The back case of most Rolex do not have any inscriptions; its surface is usually clean and free of any inscriptions.

Rolex Back Case inside and outside

There are only three watches exempted from this feature and have their back cases engraved: the early Datejust 26mm (18K Gold, 18K White Gold, Stainless Steel, & Two Tone), the Milgauss and the Sea-Dweller models for men.

Rolex Back Case inside and outside
Rolex Back Case inside and outside
Rolex Back Case inside and outside

The complete guide to Rolex Bracelet Stamps & reference:

Rolex bracelets are also equipped with a bracelet code or number. It is usually located on the inside of the clasp hinge. The code you’ll find represents the year and month the watch was manufactured.
The Rolex bracelet code may tell a different date/year than the watch case, especially for modern Rolex watches. It will not affect the watch’s value as long as the bracelet is a genuine Rolex and for the correct model. The Rolex bracelet code on the clasp hinge is made up of one or two letters followed by a number. The letters represent the year when the watch was made, and the numbers represent the month. All genuine Rolex watches have letters and numbers as Bracelet Clasp Codes, because of the improving technology it may get tricky for an amateur to identify counterfeit Rolex bracelets as they may also have clasp codes. If the code is absent, then the band is counterfeit. To get precise information on which bracelet was made specifically for your watch check the reference number. it will have the information of your watch in full detail. The last digit of the Rolex reference number provides information about the material in which the clasp is made, generally out of six numbers.

Aftermarket Parts, Custom Diamonds & Accessories:

Due to the increasing popularity of diamond watches, A&E Watches provides pre-owned Rolex Watches with custom set diamonds at reasonable prices. Customizing your watch will add elegance and originality to your timepiece at a modest cost. In this way, we make our customers happy and confident in our products.

  • Our diamonds are all natural, high quality (G-H/VS-SI).
  • Diamond Bezels – Our Diamond Bezels are high quality.
  • Gold parts – Our Custom Gold parts are all solid gold and NOT gold plated or gold fille
  • Genuine parts – All parts with the Rolex logo are made by Rolex. Custom made parts are all disclosed, and all have cosmetic benefits (dials, bezels, straps, etc.).
  • Custom parts – Watches provided by A&E Watches with custom parts will not carry any manufacturer warranty nor the manufacturer service custom watches.
  • Dial restoration – Vintage watches may have discolored or disfigured dials that we send to a Dial restoration (refinish) professional to bring the dial back to life
  • Per request – we offer customers personalized dials (colors, added diamonds and more).

For any uncertainties you might have with identifying a Rolex Watch, A&E will be more than happy to assist.

It is very important to know that Rolex makes changes to their watches about every few years, varying on the model. These changes are difficult to distinguish without having background knowledge about these timepieces, which is why we suggest you consult us about any question you may have.

A&E Watches is an independent company not affiliated with Rolex USA Inc., and is not an authorized agent for any watch manufacturer. All Watch manufacturers including Rolex will not Service or Repair any timepiece having custom parts (any customization).

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