Certified Pre-Owned

Certified Pre-Owned

You can find certified pre-owned Rolex watches for sale most anywhere used Rolex watches are sold. Most of the time there is no difference between a used Rolex watch and a certified pre-owned Rolex watch. The quality of the watch you buy depends entirely on where you buy it.

If a pre-owned watch is actually certified, the certification is typically provided by the company selling the watch, not the manufacturer. There are a few companies that provide third party certification type services for eBay and other marketplace sellers.

If a pre-owned watch is certified, the certification may refer to the authenticity of the watch. Complete disassembly and inspection of the watch is the only way to confirm the condition and authenticity of the watch. A number of companies sell certified pre-owned Rolex watches however very few companies actually disassemble the watch to perform a complete inspection.

All of our used and pre-owned Rolex watches are beautifully restored and fully serviced by our expert technicians. Our used and pre-owned Rolex watches are certified authentic by A&E Watches and include our 5 year warranty.

A&E Watches is an independent company not affiliated with Rolex Watch USA, Inc. and is not associated with any watch manufacturer.

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